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“Code83 continuously delivers more than expected - with a great attention to details and services.”

- Barbara Tanis, Tanis Design


The Old Print Shop, a leading and historical print shop and gallery, had a massive inventory of hundreds of thousands of prints, two locations with different names, and an old website that was impossible to use. After more than a decade after the creation of their original website the band-aide fixes needed to be completely overhauled, the second location's inventory needed to be on the site, and make an easier experience for the user.


The solution was a minimalist responsive website design with an overhauled user flow and information architecture with a custom content management system integrated with a new custom inventory system. Their staff can now easily manage invoices, sales and their huge inventory from one website and as orders are processed they are automatically sent to the proper location.  Also, their location in DC, the Old Print Gallery, is now connected to the Old Print Shop which allows users to shop both locations online for the first time.

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